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Accreditation Services in Serco Syria

Serco's Accreditation Services provides you with Awarding Organization recognition for your own courses.

If you are not interested in running a regulated qualification from our portfolio and want Serco to accredit a course that is unique to your organization,

this is the service for your business.

Our brand and expertise as a leading Awarding Organization will enable you to demonstrate the quality and rigor of your course to your end user/customer.

This will help you drive sales in Syria and improve the value of your course. What’s more you will retain ownership of your course content and delivery.

Give you the edge 

Serco Syria Accreditation Services will add value to your proposition to help you gain and retain clients, setting you apart from your competitors.

What’s more, our speedy service will help you react quickly to the changing needs of your industry.

Add value.

Upon successful completion of your accredited course, your learners will receive a certificate of achievement,

demonstrating their new skills, knowledge and competence. We’ll also put your logo on our certificates indicating

our confidence in the training you’ve delivered, while helping to reinforce your organisation’s brand.

Assure quality.

Our specialized team in Damascus will evaluate, review and provide feedback to help you develop your training courses,

ensuring they have measurable learning outcomes and assessment criteria meet awarding organisation standards.

Because it’s important to us that Serco accreditation fits perfectly with your organisation’s needs and offers you value for money,

we’ve developed two flexible routes to meet your individual requirements.


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