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About Serco Syria

The First National Operation and Maintenance Company “ Serco Syria  ” providing high quality and professional O&M (Operation & Maintenance)

services for factories, production lines and machines.

Supported by accelerated global expansion, Serco Syria is enabled to draw near to realize its vision of being the leading national O&M service

provider in the services sectors.

Our broad range of services includes, but is not limited to long term O&M, Various industrial services for production lines and machines in addition

to maintenance of industrial computers, providing various electronic solutions, automated control, and design of various types of electronic panels.

Serco Syria  is also a leader in information technology networks, alarm systems and surveillance.

Serco Syria also provides high quality technical services for industrial washing machines in hotels, hospitals and restaurants.

With years of experience and working with both the public and private sectors, our client base includes the most important

factories and companies in various sectors as well as international organizations,

telecom companies, commercial companies, hotels and restaurants as well as airport and universities.

Serco Syria's clients come to us with confidence that we have the expertise to take service delivery to the next level of performance.

We know how to make services run smoother, smarter and more efficiently. We pull together the right people,

processes and expertise to take service from "good enough" to great. We are a source of fresh ideas and global insights. We help transform the experience

of the end customers in a positive and sustainable way.

We pull together the right people, technologies, processes, and expertise, and combine it with fresh thinking to take service delivery

and our customers' experience to a whole new level. We help transform the experience of the end customers in a positive and sustainable way.

As a values-based company, we apply a strong service ethos to every assignment. Serco Syria people are passionate about the work that we do

and the missions we support. We bring service to life for a better tomorrow. Every day we are working to be the world's greatest service company.

With years of experience and working with both the public and private sectors, our client base includes Syria's most important factories in various sectors

as well as international organizations, telecom companies, leading private sector companies, hotels, restaurants, airport and universities.

  • Serco Syria  is a member of Serco International Group, and has established an important and respectable record of providing quality services.

Today, Serco Syria  is ranked as number one O&M companies in Syria, providing cost effective methods to ensure reliability, safety and efficiency to our customer’s facilities.

Regardless of size, scope or complexity, Serco Syria  delivers multi-disciplinary and comprehensive professional services to enable its clients to succeed across a wide range of goals.

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Our mission and vision

Vision Statement

To provide premium operations and maintenance services and become partner of choice of the public and private sector companies in Syria.

Mission Statement :

Our mission in Serco Syria

  • Deliver services that improve the experience of our clients and their end customers.
  • Be a trusted service provider for complex, mission critical programs - fully aligned with the goals of our clients and accountable for outcomes that matter.
  • Draw upon the best ideas from around the world to deliver services in ways that are smarter, innovative, and more efficient.
  • To operate in a manner that is always ethical, transparent, and respectful of our people, customers and communities.

At a glance :

To develop long term beneficial relationships with our clients by focusing on their needs and adding value to their operations by providing innovative, professional and world class operations and maintenance services while offering a safe, challenging and rewarding working environment for our employees


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Our Team

Serco Syria's strength lies in its team of people, all of whom have been employed for their unique skills and talents, working together in a harmonious and creative working environment.

Thanks to our growing reputation and recommendations the team has grown and expanded its skill set considerably.

Serco Syria has managed to build a team that sharing and working towards the same vision to successfully achieve the company's mission to provide the most compelling O&M solution in terms of safety, cost and performance, to become the partner of choice.

Our employees in Serco Syria are the bridge between us and our clients. We induce the input of their culture and skills to meet the needs of our increasing client base. We take pride in being an equal employment opportunity and a discrimination-free employer , where every employee will be valued as part of a united team.

Serco Syria chose professionals who shared our three main defining characteristics: passion for our work, eagerness to redefine the sector and its solutions, and our experience and knowledge in various services areas.

Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. Together, we make sure you’re investing where the best returns are, while building loyalty across every touch point.

At Serco Syria, world-class customer service is at the heart of everything we do.

We aim to deliver a great customer experience to our customers.

Our customer service experts are constantly working to understand your needs,

enhance overall service levels and continuously improve the in-store experience.

Thanks to our qualified team and our company continuously improvement policy.

Serco Syria has a wide range of satisfied customers; below some of our customers

About us 

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  • Syriatel Telecom Company
  • Salsabil Beverage Company
  • Fiorella for Macaroni and Foodstuff
  • Customs Directorate
  • Afia Factory
  • Zanobia Ceramic Factory
  • Freezone
  • Abdouni Group for food production.
  • Daboul and Said Factory
  • M.C Paintings Factory
  • Katakit Factory


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  • Lebero Factory
  • Damascus Airport
  • Lattakia Airport
  • The Syrian Libyan Company
  • United Oil Company
  • Alassad National Mill in Adra
  • Damascus Cables Factory
  • Aleppo Cables Factory
  • UNDP

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