Serco Syria is highly experienced in industrial and large factory refurbishments and renovation.

Successful renovation and refurbishment pose a technological challenge requiring extensive experience in plant operation,

creativity and a thorough knowledge of the implementation of leading technologies.


  • Implementation of up-to-date technology.
  • Modification of the main plant sections.
  • Partial or complete replacement of elector-mechanical equipment; energy recovery systems; control systems and associated electrical power systems.
  • We aim for a minimal amount of disruption to the existing operating systems during refurbishment.

Deployment of integrative project design for refurbishment or plant expansion results in tangible savings that are reflected in higher production at lower operation costs.

Rehabilitation, renovation and maintenance of plants, production lines and machinery in Syria

Serco Syria is the only company specialized in the rehabilitation and renovation of large and medium factories

Production lines and machinery in Damascus and most Syrian provinces.

This is because successful rehabilitation and innovation is a technological challenge that requires extensive experience in operating the plant

And comprehensive knowledge of the implementation of leading technologies applied in factories, production lines and packaging.

CIRCU implements the latest technologies for laboratory maintenance

CIRCO repairs through maintenance or partial or complete replacement of electromagnetically equipment when needed

Or control systems and associated electrical power systems.

Through Syracuse's expertise, Syria is able to minimize operating system downtime

 Menu at renewal and at lower operating costs.

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اعادة تاهيل المصانع والمعامل في دمشق سورية
اعادة تاهيل المصانع والمعامل في دمشق سورية

صيانة معمل في دمشق سورية
صيانة معمل في دمشق سورية