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Serco syria approach to providing great service is based on a core set of values applied consistently across our global operations.

To create a culture of excellence around this commitment, we live by four Values:

Trust – We work hard to earn trust and respect We deliver on our promises; are open, straightforward and honest;

do the right thing; and take personal responsibility for getting things done.

Care – We care deeply about the services we provide, the communities we serve, and we look after each

other We work together

to deliver high-quality services, often of great importance to the nation or the communities we serve. We take care of each other,

and those we serve, and we aim to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Innovation – We aspire to be better than anyone else at what we do we continuously improve our ways of working, and try new ideas,

big and small. We share our knowledge and experience and embrace change, knowing that if we don’t’ provide innovation and value for money

to our customers, our competitors will.

Pride – We want to be proud of what we do We know that the work we do is important, and we take pride in doing it well. We value energy

and enthusiasm, skill and experience, and an ability to make hard work fun. We contribute both as individuals and as part of a team.

As a world-class Operations and Maintenance service provider, Serco Syria employees demonstrate a commitment in terms of safety and quality by operating all plants in accordance with their design and to the highest standards and the latest operating practices.


Serco Syria creates a safe and healthy work environment as a part of its dynamic culture. The value of safety at our company is instilled in all its practices. Serco Syria will not compromise the health and safety of its people. Our employees work with a goal of zero incidents.


Serco Syria quality management program has been formulated to ensure that commitment to quality is appears to all employees, and clients. This commitment to quality appear in the performance of our people, in order to attain client's satisfaction and improve it.

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At Serco Syria, we recognize that it takes a diverse workforce with unique talents and perspectives to help address and resolve the challenges our customers face. We invite you to explore the career options available at Serco and to consider becoming a part of our dynamic team. It’s our people who make a difference. Serco is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.

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Implementation of renewable energy projects, maintenance and rehabilitation of several plants and several plants and production lines,The company has also implemented many projects related to engineering mechanisms such as:

Supplying, operation and maintenance of many road in several govern-orates and municipalities of Syria.

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